Sure enough, with only a handful of tables and a small bar, it’s cute, it’s cosy and, unlike my childhood cubby holes, this one serves alcohol. The interior is inspired by its speciality: cider. One wall is plastered with an image of a sunny orchard, while apple crates are recycled for the lampshades and to line the walls; the look and smell of the wood makes you feel you really could be in a tree house in the countryside.

Behind the bar:

Tree House only serves cider, but it does so in 100 ways. We popped by for a taster session and enjoyed the Prosecco-like fizz of Montano from Italy, the sweet taste but dry finish of Thatcher’s Somerset Rose, and the proper flat and dry ciders of Snuffler and Thatcher’s Heritage from Somerset. The stock is ever changing and global. Tree House serves creative cider cocktails too, such as the Thunder Quake – cider with cherry, brandy and cognac – and the Baked Apple, which is simply cider shaken with cinnamon Schnapps. Mmm, alcoholic pie…

The grub:

Cheese and meat boards and cider-battered fish and chips keep your stomach as happy as your deliciously woozy-feeling head.

Bill please:

Pints from £3.90, bottles £4.50, taster tray £5, cocktails £7.50.


Love cider, love Tree House Cider Bar. Simple as that.

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