Moving to London can be a lonely experience. Especially when you see the grumpy lot on the Tube… and the street… and the office…

But there are nice people out there who are looking for like-minded types to hit the town with. Here, we’ve rounded up a few ideas to help get you started on your quest for friends *thrusts sword in the air as wind blows hair in heroic fashion*. If all else fails, at least you have us (although we do have more than 50,000 other friends so don’t get too big headed).

Best for active types: Rabble

What? A bunch of people get together in parks across London and play fitness games. From dodgeball to Hunger Games-themed action, you feel like a big kid again tearing around outside playing tag, ‘shooting’ each other and getting muddy.

Who will you meet? People who like staying in shape but not by staring at themselves while they pump iron at the gym. They’re also likely to live in your area, and the age group averages around 18-30.

The best bit: It’s a hell of a lot of fun, plus the games are a great ice breaker. The organisers, Charlotte and Rosemary, make it their mission to ensure everybody meets and learns each other’s names, and you’ll have plenty to talk about at the pub afterwards, particularly when the ‘Man of the Match’ and ‘Dick of the Day’ awards are given out.

The worst bit: If you’re overly competitive, you may make a few enemies in the opposing team. Conversely, if you’re utter shit and out of shape, your team may not want to buy you a drink at end of play.

Where: Rabble currently meets at Clapham Common, Hampstead Heath and Finsbury Park.

How much? £10 per session.

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Best for singles: Smeeters

What? Three girl mates and three guy mates are set up on a group blind date. A few days before the ‘big date’ you are sent the location and the name of the ‘leader’ of the other group. You get a free round of drinks to get you started and then it’s up to you where and how the night ends up…

Who will you meet? You register via Facebook so the team at Smeeters get a good idea of who you are, what you look like, and your interests, so they will set you up with a group they think you will hit it off with. They also ask the leaders of each group a few questions such as what age group you are looking for and if their race or religion is important to you.

The best bit: If none of you hit it off romantically you may well have made a new group of mates. Even if the other group aren’t up to much in the personality-stakes you’ve got your buddies with you so you’re bound to have a good night either way.

The worst bit: Two or even all three of you could fancy the same person – let’s face it, rarely are three friends all stone cold hotties. We suggest implementing a rule where you’re not allowed to say who you like and just let the night take its natural course to avoid any fisticuffs/hair tearing!

Where: Smeeters take into account where you all live, but it’s likely you’ll meet in a bar in central London.

How much? £15 per person.

Best for foodies: Grub Club

What? Grub Club brings talented chefs to unusual locations – from secret gardens to abandoned Tube carriages to museums – and they cook up a storm for a small group of people sat communal-style so they can chat over dinner and get to know each other.

Who will you meet? These events attract people from all walks of life, and so you should have some seriously interesting dinner table chat. You already know you’ve got one thing in common: a love of good food. So you can chat to them about what other restaurant recommendations they may have, or even start up a dinner club of your own where you go round each other’s houses Come Dine With Me-style.

The best bit: You get to eat amazing food in locations you wouldn’t otherwise get the opportunity to see.

The worst bit: You may find your common ground with fellow diners doesn’t extend beyond food, so you could struggle to evolve a friendship outside of the ‘let’s meet and eat’ circle.

Where: Across London.

How much? From £8 per person for a meal.

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Best for new arrivals: InterNations

What? A cross between LinkedIn and Facebook, InterNations is an online community for expats across the world. You can connect with fellow London expats, hold discussion forums, and pick up tips on practical stuff such as visas, tax, driving, accommodation and so on.

Who will you meet? The average member is a thirty-something professional. The site is great for maintaining and making new business contacts, so if your work has one foot back home, or you want to work with fellow Antipodeans, this is a great place to look. InterNations holds regular meet-ups too so you can network face to face rather than just in virtual land.

The best bit: It’s like having a mate who’s already moved here and can tell you what you need to do, how and when. They might even help you further your career. Bonus.

The worst bit: It’s more about making useful connections than building friendships, so expect professional networking opportunities rather than piss-ups down the pub.

Where: InterNation reaches expats in more than 350 cities around the world, with 68,000 in the UK, and 45,000 of those are in London.

How much? It’s free to join.

Best for guaranteed merriment: DIY Social

What? Basically, have yourself a party. Make the most of the nice weather and hold a big social picnic in the park. Invite two friends and then they have to invite two friends you don’t know and so on until you get your desired number (don’t make it too big – maybe go for a maximum number of 30, which means stopping invites after the fourth round of people).

Get people to bring food and booze (you can work out a system like the first lot get desserts, second lot sides etc), and bring along a few things to play with – like a football and Frisbee. You could also create some ice breaker games, such as getting everyone to email you something quirky about themselves and then the others have to guess who it’s about.

Who will you meet? This is the cracker. The people who come will be mates of mates, and so you’re more likely to have things in common and get on. Everyone should be of a similar age group and situation – i.e. willing to meet new people and have a laugh.

The best bit: You can tailor the invite list to suit your needs. Single? Everyone has to invite one member of each sex and they must be single. If you’re a man’s man or girl’s girl, then keep it guys or girls only; if you love football, make it a football fans only party and use the chance to watch a game together, and so on.

The worst bit: It’ll take quite a bit of organising and you’re bound to get annoying bail outs.

Where: Wherever the hell you want! We reckon a park on a hot summer’s day is the best way to go.

How much? Free, baby (well, other than food and drink etc).