Since their launch in July 2010, the capital’s ‘Boris bikes’ have been covered with the Barclays logo – but that will be changing the year after next. Barclays have agreed to honour their contract until 2015, and both TFL and Barclays have claimed that their refusal to extend their contract was mutually agreed.

According to The Guardian, Barclays executives met Cycling Commissioner for London Andrew Gilligan in November to inform TfL of their decision. Johnson had hoped to find a new sponsor before Barclays’ decision was made public, but after the criticism of the way the original Barclays deal was formed, TfL are keen that the next process will be completely transparent.

Barclays’ decision comes after increased concern about the safety of riding bikes in the nation’s busy capital. This July, student Philippine De Gerin-Ricard was the first person to be killed riding a Boris bike after she collided with a lorry outside Aldgate East station.

Image credit: Getty