Profits for Barclays fell 3 per cent, while the bank footed £5.7 million to cover Diamond’s tax bill.

The banking boss was also given even more shares, which will pay out in up to three years’ time.

The details of Diamond’s pay and perks are revealed in the bank’s annual report and accounts, published on its website today.

It showed that diamond received £2.7 million share bonus on top of his £1.35 million salary.

His perks, which cover bills like chauffeurs, security and personal finance advice, reached £474,000, while the rest came from new shares awarded to him and existing share payouts.

But he’s not the highest-paid Barclays boss around – Rich Ricci and Jerry del Missier, who share the control of its investment banking divisions, are expected to have earned more.

The bank’s 238 top staff were paid an average of £1.2 million.

This comes as the bank is in a row with HM Revenue & Customs over two tax avoidance schemes that could have saved Barclays up to £300 million.

Brendan Barber, TUC general secretary, said: “This bonus epitomises how banks have failed the wider economy and got away with it.

“People are sick of seeing money that should be spent supporting businesses being lavished on the very people that brought our economy to its knees a few years ago.

“Ministers must do more to force banks to prioritise supporting the real economy over enriching their senior staff.”