The catch-up TV services will be part of Sky Anytime+, which delivers content over an internet connection in Sky+ boxes rather than over satellite.

Sky Anytime+ has previously only been available to Sky subscribers who also took a Sky Broadband connection. However, Sky has now announced plans to broaden access to the service to cover all Sky+ homes, regardless.

As well as programmes from Sky channels, Sky Anytime+ offers shows from MTV, Discovery, FX, History, Disney, UK TV and National Geographic Channel.

Sky has been able to offer on-demand access to some BBC shows through its partnership with UKTV, the pay-TV joint venture between BBC Worldwide and US firm Scrips Networks interactive.

However, the cable TV provider was previously unable to offer the full BBC iPlayer service due to a lack of agreement regrding the process of syndication of on-demand content.

But after a change in the BBC’s syndication policy last November, Sky has secured access to the iPlayer, which racked up more than 2 billion programme requests last year.