Motormouth motoring show host Jeremy Clarkson has the BBC in trouble yet again – although technically it’s not his fault this time.

The Beeb has been forced into an embarrassing U-turn after it was revealed that a deal to make Top Gear satellite navigation systems using Clarkson’s voice breached its own editorial guidelines.

Already 54,000 of the devices had been produced, with many of those delivered to retail outlets.

The broadcaster will now donate all proceeds from the sales to the Children In Need charity to bypass rules that prevent the show’s presenters endorsing motoring products.

The satnav features Clarkson, who regularly garners newspaper column inches for his politically incorrect rantings, giving instructions in his trademark sardonic style.

“Keep left – if you’re not sure which side left is you really shouldn’t be on the road,” he tells drivers.

“After 700 yards, assuming this car can make it that far, you have reached your destination, with the aid of 32 satellites and me – well done.”

BBC Worldwide, confirmed no more of the satnavs, made by TomTom, would be produced.

A plan to allow existing TomTom owners to download Clarkson’s voice to update their models has now been dropped.

The ever-opinionated Clarkson, who had no role in setting up the deal, will not make any money from the sale of any of the devices.