3 intriguing tips on how to become a personal trainer 

The exercise industry has been getting into shape over the past few years, with fitness shops and private gyms sprouting up across the country. The national number of health fanatics has even risen, with gym memberships reaching past the eight million mark in the UK in 2014.  

If that sounds like a protein shake you want a sip from, you’re in the right place. 

We’ve worked out a few tips to get you into one sector of the fitness industry that can give you complete autonomy – personal training.  

So if you fancy showing people how to keep trim or gain that six-pack they’ve always wanted, here’s what to do 

The right qualifications 

You might have a passion for fitness, but do you have the knowhow? After all, being a personal trainer involves more than telling someone how to do press-ups and watching the pretty green roll in.  

To net the best clients, you have to offer an overarching health experience, replete with dietary advice, motivational skills and a friendly yet firm attitude that only the pros could teach.  

Reputable training providers can give you all the expertise you require, although the cream of the crop are fully accredited and offer you a wide range of qualification types. This offers you the opportunity of a career with longevity, as well as a welcome boost in your earning potential. 

Full-time or part-time?  

People have any number of reasons for becoming a personal trainer.  

They might want to blow off steam after their nine-to-five grind, they might want to share their fitness techniques with others, or they might just fancy getting paid as they work out 

Before you become a personal trainer, ask yourself how committed you are to the idea. Do you want to train people all the time or are you supplementing your main income?  

These decisions will feed in to how you market yourself, whether you’re providing your services to those with afternoons to spare or those returning from work in the evening.  

Learning by example 

Would you trust Johnny Vegas if he began doling out dietary advice? Would you listen to Roy Chubby Brown when he told you he could get you a six pack in six weeks?  

When you’re a personal trainer, your body can act (in part) as your calling card. It shows how skilled you are at keeping toned and how effectively your nutritional choices have impacted your life.  

Before you take on any clients, perfect your own diet. Moreover, find out how different weight plans will affect different bodies. Yours isn’t the only body type that’ll be knocking at your door for advice.