2010 saw celebrities queuing up to talk to TNT and we heard some classic lines. From Chopper Read discussing murder to Richie Sambora remembering groupies, we bring you the best celeb quotes of 2010…

“She’s a witty, intelligent and experienced woman, who’s very easy company … I was invited to what’s called a ‘dine and sleep’ at Windsor Castle. I was fortunately seated right next to the Queen – and we had a good old chat.”
Australian High Commissioner John Dauth tells us what the Queen is really like.

“I can’t believe my voice was so high and mousey and that my hair was so awful. Oh my God,  it doesn’t even look like real hair, it looks like a wig. “
Actress Linda Hamilton on seeing herself in the early Terminator films.

“I find it funny that anybody would care enough to hate me like that … I guess it’s like calling a CEO of Sony a million dollar music lover. Because I’m independent, my record company essentially hasn’t changed since [I started] busking, 75 per cent of the money I make goes back into the business.”
Singer-songwriter John Butler doesn’t like being called a “million dollar hippie” in the press.

“Oh yeah, they’re crazy. They take the piss. But I don’t blame them. The government we had before insisted on beating black people and making them do awful jobs, and were just racist. And the new politicians have a lot of sex and are a bit corrupt. I’ll take the latter.”
Comedian Trevor Noah on South Africa’s new breed of politicians.

“We were young and riding the rocket ship to fame and stardom, and rock ’n’ roll was a different animal back then. That period finished for us when the grunge era entered. Rock ’n’ roll shifted. Aids came around so women weren’t as promiscuous as they were back in the ’80s.”
Bon Jovi bassist Richie Sambora reminisces about wilder times with the band.

“I don’t think funniness is stored in your fat cells.”
Funny gal Magda Szubanski doesn’t think losing a quarter of her body weight will affect her approach to performance.

“I thought I was cooler than I was. I probably said something like:, ‘You guys must score lots of chicks’ but they’re really not like that. They thought I was kind of a goofball.”
Arj Barker recalls failing to impress Flight Of The Conchords’ Brett McKenzie and Jemaine Clement when meeting them for the first time.

“I’ve been questioned about 53 times for murder, right? And that’s for murders they think I’ve done. If you don’t admit to it, they can’t get ya. And you can confess to murders all day long if you don’t tell them who you killed, where the bodies are buried, what murder weapon was used and what day you killed them on.”
Notorious ex-con Mark “Chopper” Read explains why he’s never been convicted for murder.

“I think people were a bit disappointed by my Logie acceptance speech. I think they were waiting for ‘flaming mongrels’ or ‘long-haired yahoos’ or the others, but no.”
Ray Meagher talks about the gap between his real-life self and his character Alf in Home & Away.

“I’m dying to kick his brains in because he really beat me up badly in that movie.”
Sylvester Stallone would love to square up again to Dolph Lundgren, his nemesis in Rocky IV.

“It’s all Jason Derulo, Tinie Tempah, Katy Perry – it ain’t fuckin’ Jason Donovan, I can tell you that! I’m only good for bloody loans or taking them out to a premiere. They’re not very interested in my back-catalogue.”
Jason Donovan’s kids couldn’t give a toss about his 80s popstar past.

“I put covers on my nipples. And I wear underwear, not that I don’t trust the directors, but just in case.”
Upcoming actress Sophie Lowe isn’t taking any chances.


– Alison Grinter