The Elbow Room

The scene: American-style pool with plenty of tables from which to choose – if you arrive early enough. Rock up later in the evening and you could be looking at hours before you get to shoot some pool. We head there on a Saturday afternoon, and it’s already busy. The staff are about as friendly as Sir Alan Sugar on a bad day. There are stains on some of the tables – and the toilets are really dirty. Venue is also a bar and a club. 

Behind the bar:
Choose from beers and spirits as well as cocktails – if you can get served, that is. Oh, and if you’re playing pool, remember to show your tab card to the barman first (else he could get a bit narky).
The grub Burgers, wraps and light-bite food.

Bill please: Pints from £3.90, cocktails from £7. Bar food from £3.

Verdict: Good fun night if you enjoy pool and can ignore the bar staff.

Curtain Rd, EC2A 3BS
Tube: Shoreditch High St