A guide to the best theme parks in the UK. Good luck holding your lunch in!

Thorpe Park

Stealth – Thorpe Park’s signature ride and the UK’s fastest rollercoaster, designed to look like a 1960s American speedway.
X:No Way Out – the world’s only rollercoaster ride that travels backwards in the dark.
Colossus – the world’s first 10-loop rollercoaster
Saw – the ride is inspired by the horror movie of the same name, and made special by the fact that it has a beyond vertical drop of 100 degrees from a height of 30m.
Tidal Wave – one of the UK’s highest log flumes. Expect to get soaked!

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Thorpe Park

Alton Towers

Nemesis – for loops, corkscrews and purple rivers
Air – to feel like you’re flying
Rita Queen Of Speed – if you like it fast
Th13teen – if you enjoy being terrified
Oblivion – if you want to look down into, well, oblivion.

GET MORE INFO AT: altontowers.com

Drayton Manor

– chucks you over rolls and banked curves while you are only supported at your hips
Shockwave – Europe’s only “stand-up rollercoaster”
Storm Force 10 – recreates a lifeboat rescue and sends boats 9m downhill backwards
Apocalypse – will pick you up 54m high, then tilt you forward 15 degrees and let you plummet back to earth.

GET MORE INFO AT:  draytonmanor.co.uk

Best theme parks in UK

Blackpool Pleasure Beach

The Pepsi Max Big One – one of Europe’s tallest rollercoasters
The Grand National – offers two-way carriage racing
Avalanche – the UK’s only “bobsled coaster”
Irn Bru Revolution – riders out, through a loop and then stops and propels them back through in reverse
Infusion – lets you defy gravity while being pummelled with water jets.

GET MORE INFO AT: blackpoolpleasurebeach.com