Big Brother 11 is hotting up as John James and Rachael keep viewers guessing – do they hate each other are they trying to get into each other pants?

Here at TNT we like to mull over the burning issues of the day, so keeping an eye on BB’s Aussie housemate is top of our list.

Yesterday, John James let fly at Beyonce-a-like, Rachael, telling her that the way she does ‘the face’ really f***’s him off.

Rachael replied that: “I like you. When you walk into a room and I look at you and think you are really fit I look away and maybe I pull that face.”

John James was having none of it and pretended not to pick up on her come on.

However, Essex boy Mario reckons that this is the Aussie’s way of getting women.

“Maybe he thinks if he treats her mean then she’ll come to him,” said Mario.

Ah, the suspense…

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