A woman was arrested after going beserk in a Burger King restaurant in Florida, dressed only in her bikini. It’s pretty sepctacular and, happily, was recorded on a phone and posted to Youtube.

Apparently not happy with the level of service at the fast food chain, the woman rampaged around the restaurant verbally abusing staff, allegedy pulled another staff member’s hair, jumped on the counter and generally caused mayhem.

A customer in the Burger King restaurant filmed the incident on their mobile phone and uploaded it onto the web where it became an instant hit.

The ‘bikini-woman in Burger King’ video even turned up on Perez Hilton’s site with the celebrity blogger advising readers to “Listen closely when the unidentified camera man yells, ‘This is the best spring break ever!’”

On being arrested and charged with battery the woman said in a statement:

“When I walked in they had no smiles on their faces. We weren’t treated fairly. If I knew what was gonna happen, I would’ve gone to Taco Bell.”

Fast food workers – you have been warned.

Watch the bikini woman’s Burger King brawl here.