Frank Bruno was accused of stealing his own car by two police officers in Berkhamstead, Hertfordshire last month, the former heavyweight champion told BBC Radio Five Live.

The 49-year-old boxer wasn’t amused by the blunder, calling the cops a “disgrace” for failing to run the cursory checks before accusing him of auto theft.

“I could see them laughing like two hyenas in their car, but I didn’t find it funny,” said Bruno.

The veteran fighter was driving his £45,000 Mercedes ML sports car with personalized license plates in Berkhamstead when he was pulled over by “two younsters” who asked, “Have you nicked the car?” according to Bruno.

Bruno claims the officers immediately recognized him and were just taking the mickey by accusing him of theft.

“It’s an abuse of power,” added Bruno in the radio interview.

The Hertfordshire Police Department responded by saying, “’Hertfordshire Constabulary takes pride in its reputation on treating members of the public with the utmost respect and dignity at all times.

‘To date, we have not received a formal complaint in relation to this alleged incident and would encourage anyone who believes they have not been treated in an appropriate manner to contact us without delay.”