Andrew Eames (Bantam Press)

The River Danube is a mighty geographic feature of Europe, and in this interesting travelogue Andrew Eames focuses on the people, communities and 10 or so countries along its course.

Eames bicycles, chugs, rows and canters along the river, from Germany to the Black Sea in Romania, and meets people from members of royal houses to lonely hostel owners.

There is fascinating insight into ‘new’ Europe (former Communist areas), and how people have migrated and adapted to the difficult circumstances that have invariably bedevilled these regions.

The writing lacks a certain crispness, and while Eames isn’t dull there’s not a great deal of humour to lighten the journey.

Nor is there a rich historical narrative to tie the book together, aside from the individual stories along the way.

But it’s fun to share the journey with Eames, who deserves credit for delving into the deep end of the people and places he comes across.