All these hit the top ten list of sexy accents released by today.

They waxed lyrical about the Irish lilt of the likes of Colin Farrell and Andrea Corr, which is apparently ‘irresistible in its lightness and breathlessness. It can swing from vulnerable to threatening, restoring your faith in the world.’

The Spanish got a look in too: ‘A smouldering accent, the words don’t matter: if it comes from Spanish lips, it sounds sexy.’ as did the Italians:

“Firey and romantic, the Italian accent keeps listeners hanging on through the long, drawn out words and the rapid-fire syllables. Its cadences make it fascinating and irresistible.”

Fortunately the Brits hit the top tn too, largly thanks to the plummy tones of Hugh Grant, Sienna Miller. Apparently, ‘proper, dignified and scholarly, the Oxford British accent promises upward nobility. Sexy from the mouths of Hugh Grant, Jude Law and Kate Winslet, just avoid thinking of the Queen or the Duke of Edinburgh when you hear it.

This is the full list (not ranked in any particular order)




Brazilian Portuguese

US Southern

Oxford British





What do you think? Any smouldering accents been left off the list?