You might as well get your skateboard, longboard, bike and your scooter and put them back in the garage where they belong along with your sodastream and minidisc player as the Quinny longboard stroller is about to be unleashed on the Big Smoke. 

Combining both the elegance of the longboard with the practicality of the stroller, it is a new design that makes you slap your head a little and wonder why no one had thought of it before. 

You can get the exercise you need, can cruise around town in style, and the bambino in the front (or drunken friend?) will look the coolest kid in town (or perhaps just the most juvenile or all of your mates?). 

Quinny is all about pushing limits,” say Dorel Juvenile, one of the world’s leading juvenile products manufacturers and the brains behind the scenes. 

“Mobility challenges that parents face every day are a burden. To tackle these challenges, the Quinny longboard stroller takes a different approach to urban mobility.  It gives the experience and freedom of riding a longboard and enables parents to travel faster than with a regular stroller – so they can explore more of the city together with their kids.” It has also been developed in collaboration with parents, too, who have given their input into what they want, need and would benefit from. 


Unveiled earlier this week at London’s Baby Show, the board combo is going to be bestowed on the public this weekend with a give-it-a-go day on Clapham Common this Saturday morning. Which all sounds like a cracking good idea, and great fun whether you have a kid or not. But we have been wondering a little about whether there might be any down sides to the invention. 

So, it means you don’t have to pack up away your longboarding just ‘cos you have embraced a certain level of adulthood and are now the proud owner of your very own ‘mini you’. It also means said small person is gonna be the coolest cat in town (whether they’re old enough to know it yet or not) as you weave in and out of those retro stroller goons. It’s also great for the environment, too, of course, cutting down on those CO2 emissions as well as reducing your carbon footprint. Ol’ Mayor Boris would be so proud!! But….. 

….We couldn’t help but think that it might not be the safest way to get around town. With wobbly kids affecting your balance, they’re could be ‘steering issues’. But then again – as someone in the office pointed out to us – people ride their bikes with kids on the back and anyway, you could Quinny-it around the park of a Saturday morning, as well. And this does also mean that you would then be able to create your very own parents-n-kids Back To The Future moments right? Come on, don’t tell us you hadn’t thought of it. 

If you fancy checking out one of the boards for yourself, get down to the bandstand at Clapham Common this Saturday morning between 10am and  1pm. 

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