The animal charity plans a protest on Saturday, November 1, that will involve about 100 supporters “lie nearly nude in a heap” in Trafalgar Square.

While the majority of passers-by will say something along the lines of “Look, boobs!” PETA hopes seeing skin will make people think twice when they chomp into a big juicy steak. 

“Animals feel pain, fear, love and joy, just as humans do, yet billions of them are killed every year for products that are poisoning the environment and contributing to the UK’s obesity epidemic”, claims PETA Director Mimi Bekhechi. 

“PETA is challenging people to think about the massive toll that the meat industry takes on animals, the Earth and human health – and to go vegan.”

Volunteers will also be handing out PETA’s vegan starter kit.

PETA is renowned for their outrageous publicity stunts and propensity to line up people, usually pretty girls, with their baps out to get attention. 

In 2007 they dumped a bunch of manure in front of Gordon Ramsey’s Claridge’s restaurant after he cooked horse – a commonly consumed meat in some parts of the world – on a TV show. 

Their attempts to air racy commercials during the SuperBowl have been blocked but the group’s main source of publicity is of the free variety, hence what they describe as their “colorful and controversial” antics to grab headlines around the world. 

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