Many think Ibiza opens its doors in May, welcomes the party-loving masses for five months, and then cheerfully waves goodbye. But it’s actually much more than just a seasonal destination.

In winter, Ibiza transforms into an altogether different paradise – one where the pace of life slows and the streets empty, but one that’s still alive with activity.

Only a two-and-a-half-hour flight from the UK, you’re practically a hop, skip and a jump away, so if you’re looking to banish the winter blues, here are four reasons why you shouldn’t delay…

1. Hurrah, for the sun is still shining.

You remember the sun! That massive, yellow, hot thing in the sky that you probably last saw a few months ago? Well it’s still burning brightly in Ibiza. It’s now the end of October and the average temperature is 23 degrees. And it will stay warm enough for beach trips and sunbathing until December. Yes, you read that right. Which leads us nicely on to our next point.

 2. There are tons of amazing beaches, with no one on them!

Measuring just 220 square miles, Ibiza is a mere speck in a vast Mediterranean expanse, but its coastline is peppered with breathtakingly beautiful beaches – more than 50 of them. And this is the perfect time of year to check them out because the crowds have dispersed and the heat isn’t too oppressive, so you can go for a stroll and marvel at the cerulean waters, or find a secluded spot to catch one of those world famous sunsets.

 3. The best restaurants stay open all year round.

There are a whole heap of top-notch restaurants open to cater for voracious appetites. Dine with a sea view at Cotton Beach Club, eat the best pizza in town at Los Pasajeros in Marina Botafoch, find a cosy nook at Clandestino in Playa d’enBossa, or go for a hearty roast dinner at Cook Ibiza’s Sunday Service. Come February, San Antonio’s pintxos festival kicks into action, so every Thursday for five weeks local bars and restaurants offer a tapas (mini plate of food) and drink for just 2€. The best part? You can hop on a train and be taken to each and every one of them. All aboard!

4. Party people.

So this probably won’t come as a surprise, but in winter, parties in Ibiza don’t stop (they can’t help themselves). Places like the uber-cool Atzaro celebrate the start of the winter season with parties in November. Super-club Pacha opens every weekend throughout the winter months, and the too-cool-for-school Pikes will be open every Friday until New Year. And on New Year’s Day, the famous DC-10 will lure clubbers from all over the world with the promise of shameless debauchery.

 So yes, Ibiza shines all-year round. But keep it on the down low please; it’s kind of a well-kept secret.