That’s what Australian basketball legend Andrew Gaze thinks of the prospective trade which will be made official before the NBA trade deadline on Friday morning.

“Sometimes you need a new environment to make a fresh start but time will only tell if it’s been a productive move for him,” Gaze said.

“From a marketing stand point, he goes to a bigger market than Milwaukee.

“San Francisco is a big city … in 2007, when they made the playoffs and beat the No.1 seed Dallas … the city was really behind them – they love their teams. It’s a big sports city.

“I think if Golden State can become one of the premier teams in the west, then it’s going to be very exciting times for Andrew.”

The Bucks will receive guard Monta Ellis, forward Ekpe Udoh and centre Kwame Brown in exchange for centre Bogut and forward Stephen Jackson, a person close to the deal confirmed.

Bogut was the No.1 draft pick in 2005 but has struggled with injuries in recent seasons.

But Gaze, who played with San Antonio and Washington in the NBA, says Bogut’s issues have been more about bad luck than anything else.

The seven-foot centre is sidelined with an ankle injury suffered in late January and it’s not known if he will play again this season.

He missed the end of the 2009-10 season when he dislocated his right elbow, sprained his right wrist and broke his right hand in a hard fall to the floor. The injury bothered him for much of last season.

Bogut also missed significant time with an injured lower back in 2008-09.

“He’s gone through a couple of injury-plagued seasons which has been no fault of his. It’s been more about some unlucky circumstances for him,” Gaze said.

“It’s not like they’ve been soft tissue injuries. One was just a horrific accident after he landed from a dunk.

“And there’s been a broken bone in his foot. It’s not like he’s got innate problems with his body structure.

“I just think he’s had some unfortunate accidents. But the injuries have led to Milwaukee thinking it’s time for another option.”

When Bogut has played, he has played well, and Gaze believes Bogut wouldn’t be feeling great about being traded.

“Andrew seemed to have a very good relationship with the fans and the community of Milwaukee. So I’d expect that Andrew would be pretty upset with what’s going on but it’s the nature of the business,” he said.

“But you’re never surprised in the NBA. These types of things happen and they happen more regularly than the fans would like.

“From a players’ stand point, it really comes down to the players and the way they’re going to be utilised. It remains to be seen what happens for him at Golden State.

“Players just move on and make the most of their circumstances and I’m sure that’s what Andrew will do.”

Despite being doubtful to play in the NBA again this season, five-time Olympian Gaze is hopeful Bogut will line up for Australia at the London Olympics starting in late July.

“The reports I’m hearing have been very good. My understanding is that he’s very committed and wants to play,” said Gaze, who captained Australia from 1994-2000.