German security officials have discovered a bomb concealed in a suitcase that was about to be loaded on to a plane bound for Germany from an airport in Namibia. The country is already on heightened alert amid fears a terrorist attack has been planned for this month.

Germany’s Federal Crime Office (BKA) said the suspicious baggage had been seized at the international airport in Windhoek but has yet to confirm the exact nature of the package.

In a statement, BKA said: “Only the ongoing forensic investigation will show whether this was a live explosive.”

The BKA has sent officers in South Africa to Namibia to conduct an investigation and further examine the device, which reportedly included a detonator and timer but no explosives.

The discovery came on the same day Germany stepped up security measures because of a feared terrorist attack this month, with the German interior minister previously insisting there are “concrete indications of a series of attacks planned for the end of November”.

Last month, authorities discovered two parcel bombs on their way to the US from Yemen, one of which went through Cologne airport in western Germany.

On November 2, Greek radicals were suspected of posting an explosive device to Chancellor Angela Merkel’s office.