And we’re not alone.

According to new research from Macmillian Cancer Support, Brits spend almost a year of our lives hanging – no, not from trees, but nursing hangovers.

The charity, which is running Go Sober for October, surveyed 2,000 British adults and estimated that people spend 315 days of their lives on Struggle Street, looking for recovery highway and hugging the porcelain.

It calculated the figures by multiplying the average amount of time people spend hungover each month with their life expectancy.

And sorry ladies, your hangovers appear to last longer – with the average lasting nine hours – compared to a seven hour hangover suffered by us blokes.

The study also suggests that being hungover could jeopardise your chance of finding romance or getting your dream job, as 10 percent Brits confessed that they’d missed a job interview because they were hungover.

One in 13 missed out on a first date because they were hungover, and the same percentage were too hungover to attend a wedding.

One in 20 missed a funeral because of a hangover.

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