So how do you ensure you stand out from the masses and boost your chances of being selected? Follow these top tips…

Before the Audition

  • Practice, practice, practice
    Practice makes perfect as the saying goes, and according to researchers people only become VERY good at something when they have put around 10,000 hours of practice in. Be a brilliant student. Get used to criticism – welcome it, love it – it will help you improve.  
  • Do your Research
    Don’t fall at the first hurdle by failing to do your research! What is it you are auditioning for? What’s the story? Who’s the choreographer? Think about the detail. Consider what you can bring to your audition that will be new or unique. 
  • Be prepared
    Pack your bag in advance with spare costume, paperwork, photos, diary, water and everything you may need.

At the audition

  • Be well turned out
    You only have one chance to make a good impression so don’t blow it! You should ALWAYS be well groomed. Your audition attire should be clean and free from holes and tears with no underwear showing.  This is not the time to showcase your unique urban, classic or retro style too excessively. You need to be a blank canvas, however, you can incorporate something in your outfit that helps you to stand out. This might be a brightly coloured leotard, however, don’t change or remove clothes once the audition has started. You may confuse the observers.
  • Arrive early
    Arrive early so that you can prepare yourself physically and mentally. Arriving late just demonstrates your lack of commitment.
  • Focus
    Be friendly with others but keep yourself to yourself. Find a space to get yourself warmed up even if there is a warm-up as part of the audition. NEVER talk during an audition. There will be plenty of time for that at the celebration party!
  • Stand out
    You don’t want to be overly pushy but you have to find that fine line that means that you are noticed. With that in mind don’t hide at the back. There’s no point anyway, as judges will watch the entire room and pick out those who learn the combinations the quickest. Standing at the front also gives you the advantage of being able to see the demonstration well.
  • Memory
    When you’re introduced – memorise the names of the people who matter. You need a sharp memory too in order to remember all the combinations.
  • Body Language
    Don’t sit down, don’t slouch, and don’t lean on the barre or against the walls. Stand tall, arms by your sides, not in your pockets. You’re a dancer, you have posture, you are never tired – you have boundless energy!
  • Your turn
    Watch carefully and learn the material quickly. Focus on the detail. Begin all exercises well and finish them well and with energy. Remember, the objective is to leave them wanting to see more of what you can deliver!



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