This week we chatted to 23-year-old Jackie Pandalan, from England, who works in an accounts department.

Hi Jackie, what’s your job? 
I work for an electronics company in their head office. I do all the accounts receivable and payable as well as general administration duties.

What did you do at home?
I was a Greek tutor while I was at uni. I have spent a lot of time travelling so it’s nice to be in a job where I can save some dough for the next adventure!

Where have you travelled?
I’ve seen a lot of Europe. In Australia I lived in Darwin for a little while, visited Melbourne, the Gold Coast and Sydney of course. 

What did you study?
I have a double degree in international studies and business management. 

How did you get your present job?
I gave my résumé to a couple of recruitment companies and within a week I had a job I wanted. There were a few other office positions offered to me but this was the one that appealed the most.

Would you like to stay in Oz?
Absolutely. The lifestyle in general is fabulous and the fact that I can walk to the beach after work everyday adds to it of course. From a work perspective I find the business ethos to be a lot more relaxed to that in England.

What’s best about your job?
The relaxed atmosphere, the flexibility and the lack of monotony. Although my role doesn’t really change, every day is different. We’re also close to the CBD so I can go shopping in my lunch break!

What’s not so good?
Being stuck inside when it’s a beautiful day outside. But hey, you have to earn your pennies so you can get out there!

Any memorable moments?
We have drinks every Friday and during my first week I was introduced to an evil beverage called Sambuca. Never again. Fridays now involve water and a packet of crisps.

How’s the pay?
It’s good actually, better than I expected. I earn about $19 an hour and I got a bonus at the end of the financial year.

Any advice for other travellers considering a job in your sector?
If you’re an outdoorsy person who can’t stand sitting in an office everyday, then don’t do my job. If you want to earn good money, work with good people and enjoy a challenge, then do it. This kind of work is good to have on your résumé.