Robberies have in fact risen by 18.8 per cent during the Conservative’s term as Mayor, according to independent research.

While in total, more robberies occurred in Ken Livingstone’s term, the robbery rate dropped significantly under Ken, while the rate has increased year-on-year since Boris took power.

Statistician Allan J. Brimicombe, told the BBC: “He hasn’t told a lie, but he has definitely put an unfortunate spin on things.

“It’s about being upfront about where your statistics come from, which in this case he hasn’t done.”

A spokesperson for Ken Livingstone said: “Boris Johnson says robbery is down, while the official Metropolitan Police figures are saying robbery is up.

“Last month the Tory Mayor admitted that he had cut 1,700 police officers while burglary, robbery and knife crime were all rising.”

This incident comes in a mixed week for both candidates, after Johnson was involved in a Twitter row after he changed the Mayor’s official account to his own name, while Ken Livingstone was accused of saying ‘Jews won’t for me because they’re rich’.

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