The Batman was named as Stan Worby, 39, who went with his friend Daniel Frayne, 27, to Trafalgar House Police Station early in the morning on February 25.

Worby, a takeaway delivery driver, revealed he’d been to London for the Capital One Cup final between Bradford and Swansea and dressed as the superhero for a laugh.

His friend, Frayne, was wanted by police and Worby went with him as he turned himself in  – Franyne was then charged with handling stolen goods and offences relating to fraud.

“Obviously it was done as a joke,” he told Daybreak on ITV. “He (Mr Frayne) wanted to get straight down. Obviously I wanted my bed. It was half-one in the morning.

“At the end of the day it was a practical joke, just between me and Daniel.”

For a bloke dressed in a Batman suit in  a cop shop at 1am, Worby was surprisingly vain about his starring role in yesterday’s news bulletins, admitting he looked a bit more chubby than he’d like.

“I’ve got my full tracksuit underneath. I’m not just wearing this [the costume] – it’s too thin,” he said.

Image via Youtube