Hurricane Gonzalo swept across the Atlantic to lash the UK with winds of up to 70mph.

Gusts of up to 70mph have been recorded in north Wales battering the coastline where Swansea coastguards recorded gusts of up to force nine, with wind warnings in place across much of Great Britain as the tail end of the hurricane which has caused devastation in Bermuda and other Atlantic island nations reached the UK last night and this morning.

As a result, heavy wind warnings have been put in place across the UK with snow already falling across some hills in the Highlands of Scotland where the  Forth Road Bridge was closed. 

Ferry sailings between Holyhead and Dublin have been cancelled this morning as a result of the adverse weather with speed restrictions in operation on some more vulnerable roads across the UK, too. 

Closer to London the affects are also being felt. Heathrow has cancelled 10% of its flight with the 20 biggest airlines saying that the airport, and their services, will be hit.

“Much of the UK and northern Europe will experience high winds and heavy rain on Tuesday as a result of the tail-end of Hurricane Gonzalo,” said British Airways of the situation.

Despite the disruption caused though, Brits should feel themselves lucky as it is only the milder knock-on effects that have made land fall here – Gonzalo saved her strength for Bermuda where it made a direct hit last Friday.

The storm made landfall on the island on Friday with winds of up to 110mph in what was deemed to be the strongest storm to hit Bermuda in over a decade and the second in a week to hit the island, too.

More than 31,000 homes were hit by power cuts, with wide-scale flooding and damage, especially to buildings, caused by the hurricane, too.

Photo: via Thinkstock.