“The baba-dook-dook-dook…” Fresh from its appearance at this year’s Sundance Film Festival and snaffling the Best Film and Best Director awards at the London-based FrightFest this August, too, this Australian horror lands at cinemas this week and just in time for Halloween.

From director Jennifer Kent, this spin on the haunted house shocker features the titular creepy ghoul – a new addition to the pinheads, Freddy Kruegers and Jigsaws of the movie world – alongside an old house and, most tellingly that bad things are afoot, a creepy looking kid who has issues, like seeing babdook lurking about the house for one.

It has won rave reviews across the board, with all the jumps and scares you could want but, words of advice though, don’t waste too much money on your popcorn for this one, as you’ll be jumping so much it’ll be all over the floor, the person in front of you, wherever, just not in your mouth!


The Babadook is out October 31 through Icon.