A new study reveals that a majority of Britons feel deprived and lonely without internet access.

53 per cent of Britons become distressed when banned from internet access, according to the poll. 40 per cent experience loneliness when unable to go online.

The eight-month study, intitled 'Digital Selves' was conducted by the consumer research company, Intersperience, and included over 1,000 people from the ages of 18 and to over 65.

“Online and digital technology is increasingly pervasive. Our ‘Digital Selves’ research shows how just dominant a role it now assumes, influencing our friendships, the way we communicate, the fabric of our family life, our work lives, our purchasing habits and our dealings with organisations," said Intersperience CEO, Paul Hudson.

Participants were asked to go one day without using any technology- including the internet, television and smartphones.

Just 23 per cent of those in the survey said they liked being disconnected.

One participant went as far as saying that the experience was like "having my hand chopped


Despite dependence on technology, both children and adults agreed that they preferred face-to-face communication over digital communication.

65 per cent of adults said they preferred communicating in person, compared to 64 per cent of children who said the same thing.