Young white women in the UK are embracing the Muslim faith, helping the number of Islam converts to top 100,000 for the first time.

A recent study has shown that Britain is undergoing “Islamification”.

Multi-faith organisation Faith Matters has released a report which estimates that 5,200 people have converted to Islam in the past year, including 1400 in London.

Two thirds of these converts are women, more than 70 per cent are white and the average age at conversion is 27.

“Converts are generally at ease living in the UK and do not feel that British people are essentially hostile to Islam,” reveals the study.

Asked for their opinion on the negative aspects of British culture, converts identified alcohol and drunkenness and a lack of morality and sexual permissiveness.

More than one in four said that there was a conflict between being a strict Muslim and living in the UK.

Nine out of 10 female converts said that converting to Islam had resulted in them dressing more conservatively with more than half now wearing a head scarf and five per cent wearing a burqa.

Tony Blair’s sister-in-law Lauren Booth converted to Islam last year after visiting Iran. The mother-of-two wears a hijab and no longer drinks alcohol.