Holidaymakers Roger Bannister, his brother Steven and their wives Wendy and Joyce wanted a taste of famous Italian gelato while on their travels in Rome, and ended up paying a whopping 16 euros (£13.50 each).

The pricey ices were bought from Antica Roma ice cream bar at the top of Via della Vite, just off Piazza di Spagna, reports the Daily Mail.

The group said they ordered four cones ‘with two wafers and three flavours’ costing a staggering 16 euros each.The entire round cost 64 euros.

A passing councillor, Matteo Costantini, heard about their indignation and told Sky News: “They were justifiably outraged at what they had been asked to pay. It’s scandalous and should not be allowed to happen.

“This is not the first time tourists have been caught out like this and it sadly won’t be the last. ‘There needs to be a clamp down on places like this that charge extortionate prices to unsuspecting tourists.”