Flegg was accused of not documenting communications with a lobbying firm, and his son who worked there.

These allegations come from a sacked member of staff who claims that Flegg was also practising medicine during his political term.

Flegg explained to his colleagues that the register issue was down to “sloppy administration.”

“Madam Speaker, you might guess from my demeanour today that I am tendering my resignation to the Premier,” said Flegg.
“I want everyone in this place to understand fully I am taking that action.

“The Premier has not asked me or approached me in any way about that.”

Premier Campbell Newman accepted the resignation: “I think Dr Bruce Flegg has this afternoon demonstrated incredible dignity and a great sense of honour in the way he has taken personal responsibility for administrative failings in his own office.”

“I think he has shown all of us what the ministerial tradition under the Westminster system is all about.

“I’m proud of him for coming in here and having the courage and the dignity to deliver that address that he just did.”

Opposition Leader Annastacia Palaszczuk said to ABC News:

“The Premier could have stepped in much earlier, at any time, and got to the bottom of it.”

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