The quirky Bubbleology café in Soho celebrate its first birthday this weekend, and will be bringing the Taiwanese craze for bubble tea to the streets of the capital.

Bubble tea originated in Tapico in the eighties, and has grown in popularity from a single stall to over 8000 cafes throughout Taiwan. The craze has already spread to the USA, Canada and Australia and looks set to sweep across the UK.

The beverage comes as either a red, white or green tea base infused with fruit flavourings and gets its name from the pearls which sit at the bottom of the cup. Despite having a delicious cameral undertone these pearls have zero fat, making them a great drink for anyone keeping one eye on their waistband.

The café on Rupert Street is decked out like a mad scientists lab, the perfect environment to do some experimenting of your own. You are even provided with a coloured straw and transparent cup, so you can watch as you hoover up the bubbles.

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