Protests against Greek austerity measures are set to continue as politicians in Athens are poised to approve further debt-reduction measures today. 

The vote will activate the law changes needed to put into practice cuts designed to raise £25bn by 2015 in a bid to tackle the country's huge deficit.

Although the country's 48-hour strike has now ended, masked protesters in Athens chucked rocks and smoke bombs at police and set fire to buildings yesterday (Wednesday).

Petrol bombs were thrown by protesters in Syntagma Square, outside Parliament.

Brussels has welcomed the proposed austerity measures, which include public sector wage cuts and increased taxes. 

Greece needs £4bn of its latest bailout by July 15 to pay its most urgent debts.

A meeting on July 11 will decide whether to give Greece a second bailout worth £100bn later this year.

European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso and European Council President Herman Van Rompuy released this joint statement: "With approval by the Greek parliament of the revised economic programme, the country has taken an important step forward along the necessary path of fiscal consolidation and growth-enhancing structural reform. But it has also taken a vital step back – from the very grave scenario of default."