Buenos Aires in 2 –3 days

With such a short time, pick one or two highlights – Plaza de Mayo, Recoleta cemetery, San Telmo’s Sunday market, and a museum or two. But make sure to leave enough time to enjoy the great cafes, restaurants and tango bars.


In 7-9 days

With more time on your hands you can afford to allot a day to each of Buenos Aries different barrios. Start at the centre – the buzzing Plaza de Mayo, and explore the grand architecture of the surrounding streets.

If you can, catch a show at the Teatró Colon – a grand opera house in the European tradition that was the largest in Southern Hemisphere until arrival of the Sydney Opera House.

Spend a day or two exploring the best of Buenos Aires galleries and museums:

  • The Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes in Recoleta is home to many of the most important works by Argentine artists, as well as an impressive collection of European masters and impressionists.
  • Museo de Arte Lantinoamericano, is housed in a wonderful modern building, and is home to important works by the likes of Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera.
  • The Museo Nacional de Arte Decorativo is worth visiting for the building alone – a stunning old mansion inspired by the great palaces of Europe.
  • El Zanjon de Granados in San Telmo offers a unique view of the history of Buenos Aires through a series of restored spaces, ranging from sewers to a mansion that occupied more or less the same spot over the centuries.

A football match is an opportunity to connect with the soul of the city – River Plate and Boca Juniors are the two big city teams. Matches can be frenetic affairs, so if you’re not a fluent Spanish speaker, seek out one of the local tour companies that offer accompanied tours on matchdays.


Two weeks +

Why not take a quick Spanish course at one of Buenos Aires’ many excellent Spanish schools?

Once you’ve explored as much as you can, take a short trip to one of these easily reachable highlights nearby:

  • Tigre is an hour away from the big city, and is a good base to explore the tropical waterways of the Paraná delta.
  • La Colonia, a charming colonial town across the River Plate in Uruguay, is easily reachable by ferry
  • Punta del Este in Uruguay is South America’s ritziest beach resort, and a 45 minute flight away from Buenos Aires. Expect good beaches, clubs, highrise hotels and the odd celebrity