Buenos Aires boasts Argentina’s finest dining, with a host of top class restaurants offering variations on the national passion – steak.

Parrillas are grill restaurants – recognisable by the large firepit usually somewhere near the door. If you’re feeling strong, a parillada or mixed grill is a good way to sample the best on offer – usually including sausage, ribs, and a few different cuts of meat.

You’ll find plenty of good parrillas in the converted brick warehouses of Puerto Madero, Try Cabana Las Lilas for a start, for a more historic grillhouse, head for Parrilla 1880 in San Telmo.



One of the joys of Buenos Aires is strolling the streets and discovering atmospheric pavement cafes in which to order a café cortado (espresso with milk) and a few medialunas (croissants) and while away a few hours. San Telmo is full of good options, but you’ll find cafes on almost every corner.

Some of the more historic cafes in town include Café Tortoni in Centro, which claims to be the oldest café in the country (and trades on the fact somewhat), and Café Richmond, also in Centro.



The tap water in Buenos Aires is heavily chlorinated so drink bottled water and save yourself an upset stomach.