The ad, which was taken down by eBay today, said: “For sale, one cruise ship, slight damage to right-hand hull, mainly cosmetic.”

The starting price was $1, as the seller warned of “some water damage to the interior”.

The joke ad also said the ship had one “careful owner” and must be collected by the buyer.

The website was flooded with questions about the item – one curious eBayer asked if the rock the captain fell on before falling into the lifeboat would be included.

The seller replied yes. eBay said the advert, which attracted bids to a total of $1008.88, was inappropriate.

A spokesperson for the auction site said: “EBay does not permit listings that attempt to profit from human tragedy or suffering.

“As a result, we are immediately removing this listing from”

There was a warning on the listing that said the page was “obviously a fake and should not be taken seriously”.

The Costa Concordia hit rocks off the Italian island of Giglio on January 13, killing 13 people and leaving at least 19 missing.