It was a small break from tradition for the girl, known as Alison, used to picking up stray tennis balls, and sometimes a bottle of water, or a towel.

She was asked by German player Cedrik-Marcel Stebe to “take care of this bug here please” at his Australian Open match against Lleyton Hewitt.

Turns out the bug in question was a whopper Australian-sized beast, and it was an awkward moment for Alison, trying to dispose of it. Certainly, it showed on her squeamish face. It was possibly the weirdest 15 seconds of fame ever seen on a tennis court.

Poor Alison was interviewed courtside, when she revealed that actually she’s very afraid of bugs, and “would never touch a bug at home.”

She adds: “It was very bouncy and I fumbled a bit with it.”

Watch the incident and the interview below: