Tickets for Glastonbury went on sale at 9am and by 10:40 all 140,000 tickets had sold out, record time for the insanely popular music festival.

There has been a stream of complaint on Twitter, however, as many who were hoping to buy Glastonbury tickets has their hopes dashed by a clogged up website and jammed phone lines.

Half an hour before it was supposed to open for ticket sales the website crashed as thousands of Glastonbury lovers logged on early.

Those who thought the phone would be a better bet were also disappointed as lines were engaged all morning and people reported struggling to get through for hours.

Referring to problems with the Glastonbury tickets website, one Twitter user wrote: “Apparently only IT geeks will be going to Glastonbury next year… Am I the only one who doesn’t know what a host file is????”

In response, festival organiser Michael Eavis tweeted: “Sorry to everyone who missed out and for any problems you had with the bookings site.”

A few were triumphant: “Still not quite sunk in yet that I got tickets for Glastonbury 2013.”

All is not lost if you didn’t get tickets for the festival, however, returned tickets will go on sale on April 21 for £205.

While the line-up for Glastonbury 2013 has not yet been confirmed rumours are rife. It is being suggested that the Rolling Stones have chosen the festival for their last ever gig and will close the Pyramid stage. The Stone Roses, Lady Gaga and Radiohead are also on the cards to play.

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