A test conducted by veritable coffee machine company Gilkatho, found that a take away cappuccino in Sydney goes for around $3.20 on average, compared with nearly $3.90 in Perth, Australia’s most expensive coffee capital city destination.

Sydney’s $3.20 average is 20 cents less than it’s northern neighbour Brisbane and a whopping 15 cents cheaper than arch rivals Melbourne.

Victory is ours!

Now I’ve got a great comeback for any stuck up Melbournite who says something stupid like, ‘How could you even live in Sydney, Melbourne’s so much more European!’

Go pay 20 cents extra on average for your morning soy mugaccino, you artless, fen–sucked, coxcomb!”


Gilkatho’s exhaustive research also found that while the price for coffee beans worldwide has fallen recently, the savings haven’t translated to our morning cup of joe, with prices remaining as high as they’ve ever been.

It reminds me of a joke I saw on a television show once; “I like my women the same way I like my coffee; strong, bitter and preferably fair trade.”

Upon closer reflection that joke has nothing to do with anything.

Image: Getty