Leading wildlife experts have come together to create the guidebook to help travellers make responsible choices when it comes to elephants in tourism.

Asian elephants have dropped in numbers to the point of endangerment as a species – they are at risk of extinction within three generations and a large portion of them live in captivity.

There are said to be only 1,000 remaining elephants left in Amboseli in Kenya.

The guide urges travellers to do their homework before they go.

Editor Cynthia Ord, a travel writer and authority on responsible tourism, said: “This guide shows the importance of researching your tour choices carefully. Don’t rely on TripAdvisor reviews, which are usually written by non-experts.

“Even better, consider letting go of close-up elephant encounters all together. Ditch the selfie stick and opt to see elephants in a setting that’s as close to their natural forest habitat as possible.”

She also urges travellers to think about how they share their elephant encounters with friends on social media.

The guide is available in e-book format from intrepidtravel.com/elephants-asia-ethically