The dish has been popularised by Palestinian street food entrepreneurs, The Bearded Bakers, founders and owners of Knafeh Bakery.

The Knafeh dessert, made using cheesy pastry soaked in a sweet, sugar-based syrup, originates from the Levant and like Knafeh Bakery in Australia, James Walters, founder and owner of Arabica Bar & Kitchen in London, is keen to encourage more people to give the dish a try.

James comments: “I’ve enjoyed a variety of different styles of Knafeh whilst travelling through the Levant over the past decade or so. I’m particularly fond of the Turkish-style that I’ve eaten numerous times whilst on the prowl for new ingredients and inspiration in the souks of Istanbul. I love watching them cook the Knafeh to order over charcoal whilst sipping a strong Turkish coffee. Our Turkish inspired version at Arabica Bar & Kitchen has been on the menu since opening.  It’s cooked to order in the restaurant as they do in the souks, using traditional dishes which I brought back with me. We use a combination of haloumi and akawi cheese sandwiched between layers of buttery angel hair pastry. This is finished off with orange blossom honey syrup, finely ground pistachio, a pinch of cinnamon and a grating of orange zest. For those new to Middle Eastern food, it really is a must try!”  

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