Fancy being Head of Random Acts of Kindness? (now how’s that for a title?!)

Thought up by Yummy Pub Co., this is a a hunt for London’s kindest, kookiest and cleverest person to launch a new project, a revolution in fact, with one simple aim at its core – to reward people for Random Acts of Kindness (RAOK).

Whether it’s handing out 1,000 cups of tea to strangers on the street, curing the Monday Blues by inviting local workers in for a bottle of bubbly, giving away free meals to the homeless on Christmas or even inviting someone who can’t afford a holiday for a weekend away at one of the company’s quirky country BnB’s – this is the job you want (not your average nine-to-five).

“Ever heard of the guy who put five dollar bills in library books, the café that opened its doors to stray dogs on cold winter nights or the man who gave away money to 35 people on his 35th birthday, instead of asking for presents of his own? We have and we love it. It’s about giving something to others for nothing in return but really, it’s not just a selfless act because it makes you feel good about yourself, too. We’re going to shower the country with RAOK, big and small, as soon as we find the right person to lead the campaign and join our family,” says Anthony Pender, co-owner of Yummy Pub Co.

Interested? Applicants should contact

Meanwhile if you know someone who deserves a RAOK – perhaps it’s a colleague who’s worked really hard, a friend who’s going through a rough patch or a stranger who helped you in your time of need – email