A Christmas tree standing at 2m tall in a German home turned out be a massive cannabis plant – holy smoke indeed!

The huge pot plant was growing in a Christmas tree holder and was decorated with fairy lights, police in Koblenz said.

The owner said he planned to add more decorations and place presents beneath the “tree”.

“All you need is love – hippies celebrate Christmas too,” the police said about their festive find.

And it’s not the first time someone has had a very merry marijuana Christmas tree.

In 2004, Norwich man Ben Ollis had his planed festive toke ruined after police actioned a warrant and smelt a strong stench of weed inside his home.

Ollis told the officers “I’ve been expecting you.” They went on to discover five plants, including one in the lounge glowing with Christmas lights.

And in 2009 a convicted drug dealer at Verne Prison, Dorest cultivated a
four-foot plant of the drug and passed it off for months as a
tomato plant before decorating it as a Christmas tree.

One source said: “You could see the plants from the grounds as his cell looks on to the
education department and communal outside area. They were on show for
the world to see.”