His hope is to get more people involved and have a pumpkin boat race. 

“[Just] one person racing would look ridiculous,” he said.

The Cinderella-esque transformation will involve removing of the top, attaching a frame and adding an outboard motor. Luckily the transformation doesn’t involve a fairy godmother, so when the clock strikes midnight it will still be a pumpkin.

Already an avid gardener, Dasler started growing pumpkins about a year ago as a hobby.

His first pumpkin entered in the Little River Pumpkin Festival won him a prize, in spite of serious competition.

Growing a pumpkin of this size is a labour of love, involving frequent watering, and a healthy dose of manure. Others have even gone as far as to provide their pumpkins with heat mats and sugar injections to increase size.

Pumpkin boat races aren’t as much as an oddity as one might think. Nova Scotia, Canada, has held a Pumpkin Regatta every year since 1999 and has attracted nutters from across North America.

The water in New Zealand is bound to be much warmer, so if there was a choice of where to take a pumpkin boat out…

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