Australia is crying out for nurses. If you’re willing drag yourself out of the bars and into an agency, you’ll soon learn that this profession can help you stay longer in Oz…

If you’re a nurse and you don’t want to leave Australia, that dream could soon become a reality because the healthcare sector needs you.

“Australia is always in need of more qualified nurses of all specialities. With some states moving towards the one nurse to four patients ratio of ward nursing for the public hospital sector, this will increase the amount of nurses required. The private hospital and day surgery sector in Australia is rapidly expanding, creating a lot more nursing opportunities,” explains Nursing Services Manager, Kelly Lamont.

So the jobs are there and sadly people are always going to get sick and injure themselves. Unlike my job in print media, there is a future!

“Add to that, an aging society – the aged care nursing workforce is always in great demand” says Kelly.

Right, so you’ve got the qualifications in your home country, what do you have to do to find work here?

“Australia introduced a national registration board in 2010 so now Nurses and Midwives are required to be registered with AHPRA” explains Kelly.

AHPRA is the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency and their requirements vary from state to state so it’s best to give a recruitment consultant a call on 1300 NURSES (1300 687 737) and they’ll explain the differences.

They’ll also put you in good stead for what sort of work you’ll be suited to. You’re here on a working holiday and they understand that the holiday element shouldn’t be neglected.

“Nurses who would like to have the choice to maintain their work/life balance are especially suited to doing agency work for Healthcare Australia.”

Their agency has a range of jobs for nurses of all levels of experience. Everything from, “Medical, Surgical, Rehab, A&E, Mental Health, Midwifery, Theatres and Aged Care.”

So it’s up to you where you want to work and in what field. But what about the money I hear you ask? Kelly says, “Rates of pay vary in Australia depending upon each States awards. All agencies within Healthcare Australia strive towards having very competitive rates of pay for our staff.”

Sounds good, but what if you never want to leave, is there a chance for sponsorship? Yes, says Kelly, “we have a specialised team who can assist with sponsorship opportunities for nurses through our brand Nurse Jobs Australia.”

You may love it so much that you want to tell all of your nursing friends back home that they should be here too.
Kelly explains how easy that can be: “Being an international company the benefits are vast. You can be interviewed and have planned a lot of your trip before you even book your plane tickets.”

And most importantly you’re benefiting your own career by working in Australia, in some of the world’s most recognized nursing sectors.

“By coming and working in Australia you will not just be taking a Gap year, you can actually be forwarding your career – often accepting work opportunities that you may not have considered in the past. Doing agency shifts through Healthcare Australia provides a great way of working and travelling around Australia as we provide staff to every state and territory.”

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