Give us an idea of how you work…

My main work comes from my passion for printmaking and sculpture, and my work as an artist has evolved so much more in London. I struggled to find opportunities back in Auckland after graduating from ELAM School of Fine Arts. My studio is my room, where I start off with illustrative drawings, then I hire a print studio in West London to produce my work.

What’s the best bit?

Art is timeless. It’s been fun lately, as I find more opportunities in London to showcase and share my work. The best part is knowing that there are people out there that appreciate the art that I make.

And the worst?

Not having enough time. I enjoy my day job but it is hard to keep both of these activities up, as finding opportunities in the art world can be time consuming.

How are you getting your art out there?

I spend hours trawling through the internet to find opportunities with galleries and art fairs. I always write bespoke emails to each gallery to promote my work. Networking is also very important; you’d be surprised how much your friends can help by spreading your work by word of mouth. I also have a website, Twitter account, Google+ page and Facebook page.

What qualifications/experience do you need?

I graduated from ELAM School of Fine Arts from the University of Auckland in New Zealand. I don’t feel that you necessarily need a degree to be an artist. There were no other subjects that interested me at the time. I do recommend getting experience in communication and marketing as it has enabled me to learn different ways to talk about my work to the right audience.

What advice would you give someone who would like to start an art career?

Don’t give up on getting yourself out there! It takes time. Take risks and learn from them. The art world is so competitive so it’s important to keep going!

Image credit: Facebook