My job involves… working in a marketing agency as the main point of contact for our clients. I receive briefs from them outlining their marketing requirements and advise them on the best approach. Once the details have been confirmed between myself and the client, I then work with our creative team to come up with creative ideas, and to devise a plan for applying these ideas across the marketing assets that I have agreed with the client. This can include websites, press adverts, online banners, event materials, brochures, social media campaigns and so on. Whatever the client requests, we can produce!

I am also responsible for informing the client of the cost for the work we are doing and the timeline for completion of tasks – It’s then up to me to ensure that the work we do is done on time and within budget.

I got my job by… working from the lowest level up. I had a degree, but it was not in marketing, so I started as an account executive and learnt whilst working. I did eventually take marketing exams with the Chartered Institute of Marketing, but this was a personal choice to cement my marketing knowledge, rather than a requirement for the job.

My day-to-day work includes… checking emails and working out what the priorities for the day are. I will respond to any emails that require immediate response and then create my list for the day’s work. I will then speak to any designers or copywriters that are working on anything for me that day so I can double check they know what they have to do and find out if they need any more information. I will regularly call my clients to check in with them and see if there is anything else I can help them with. Then I can update them on the work for that day and notify them of what they can expect from me in the coming days.

The most rewarding part of my job is… seeing a marketing campaign that I have worked on from the beginning come to life and be seen by thousands of people.

The most challenging part of my job is… communication. Finding out exactly what the client wants and then communicating that to the creative teams can often be a challenge. That’s because they can often have different ideas of what’s best, and it can be difficult to keep everyone happy.

My advice for anyone looking to get into this industry is… be willing to start from the bottom and listen to the advice of those that have been in the job for a while. Also, be willing to try anything that is thrown at you – the more you challenge yourself the quicker you will learn.