A 28-year old man was killed yesterday shortly after Wiggins’ win, near the Olympic Velodrome by a the driver of a coach – an official London 2012 media bus. The driver has since been arrested under suspicion of dangerous driving.

Wiggins suggested at a press conference following his gold medal win “legalising helmets to make them the law to wear.”

The scene of the accident, yesterday (Getty)

“Ultimately, if you get knocked off and you don’t have a helmet on, then you can’t argue. You can get killed if you don’t have a helmet on.” the champion cyclist added.

Wiggins spoke about his experiences of cycling on London’s streets, saying “Having lived in London for 10 to 15 years now, it has got a lot busier since I was riding a bike as a kid around here. I was knocked off several times.”

“Cyclists are never going to go away however much drivers moan – and as much as cyclists might moan about certain drivers, they are never going to go away. So, there has to be a bit of give-and-take really.”

Cycle safe. Not like this. Wiggins celebrates his victory (Getty)

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