Send mobile credit
Oxygen8 Money has launched a new airtime transfer service, TopUp To Send. It allows you to buy and send mobile credit to family and friends overseas in more than 76 countries. There are no added fees – simply enter the mobile number, choose where and how much to send and then make your payment.

Save cash abroad
Figures by online travel agency show that holidaymakers spend £14 on taking out money every time they go away. The best way to avoid hefty charges is to grab a prepaid card before you leave. Get one from the Post Office.

Cheap transfers
A website helps you find the best-priced airport and rail transfers around the world, particularly in European holiday hot spots, such as Spain and Turkey. They also include the US.

How do you spend it?

Mckenzie kramer,  21
From Chicago
Lives West Kensington
How do you budget? Before I plan any big trips or events, I deduct my essential expenses – rent, bills, transportation – and see if there’s room left for something fun. There usually is.

Any money-saving tips? Pack a lunch for work, use an Oyster card and avoid browsing in high street shops unless you actually need something. Don’t go grocery shopping hungry – and stick to your list.
Last big blow-out?Trips to Galway and Granada. The flights and hotel rooms were pretty cheap, but I splurged on good food, touristy activities and souvenirs for friends and family. I don’t have any regrets, though.

What non-essential items do you spend money on?
Clothing, eating out, drinks and socialising.