Hank the Cat had pro-feline, job-creation policies, he also campaigned for unlimited access to Fancy Feast (salmon supreme flavor).

While Hank the Cat’s manifesto and campaign were meant as a spoof, those behind the practical joke never dreamt the cat would drum up so many voters. Over 6,000 voters believe this is a big indication into how the public regards politics.

In Hanks manifesto it says: “friends, we live in troubled times – there’s no doubting that.” And policies included: “Animal Rescue, Spay & Neuter programs, and Positive Campaign Reform”.

It’s estimated that more that $16,000 was raised for election the campaign by animal welfare groups. All of this money was donate to charity.

The whole thing is a bit embarrassing for former Virginia Governors George Allenn and Tim Kaine.

Hank ‘said’ in a statement: “With your incredible generosity and constant support, we have literally saved hundreds of lives – we have given countless critters another chance, innumerable families have added a new member to their clan, and many of us had our faith restored in the potential for positive change in our political system that overflows with negativity and greed.

“As a citizen of Virginia, I feel it is now my duty to redouble my efforts to make sure Senator-elect Kaine is willing to sign my Animal Rescue Pledge, and I hope you will join me in making sure animals aren’t ignored or forgotten.”